Inspired by Alan Watt’s “What if…” and his criticism of our society’s cyclical struggle to find and measure what a meaningful life would or could be, I felt compelled to create this personal platform. I want to take action and find meaning in the moments that I can challenge myself creatively and let this become a creative outlet for me.

My passion for photography has helped me develop a keen eye on perceiving the world and the many intricate perspectives we mostly ignore. I’ve captured and compiled my work over the last 15 years and share with you, now, what fascinates and inspires me; whether they are exhibitions, travels, unique perspectives, awkward instances or intimate moments. 
For me, capturing a viewers experience with Art has been a particular interest of mine. I love capturing the scale a viewer gives a painting, the certain positioning that is created in that space and how the viewer interacts within this shared space. Both relate to each other and the composition becomes a different dynamic in photograph.

I share with you now my work, transferring my still-developing eye of viewing the world via my camera. I’ve compiled and arranged my photographs into different galleries – each for a different subject or moments of my life. It is not merely an image gallery. It is a personal window into a space in time and in my life I intend to capture. Naturally, as an architect it is a subject matter I am particular keen in studying and would be glad if somehow you are inspired and have a keen interest, as well.